Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sliding Doors

Author’s Note:

Years ago there was a film called Sliding Doors that starred Gwyneth Paltrow about a woman whose life goes in different but parallel directions when she has some sort of dimensional collide as it were. It wasn’t a particularly amazing film, but the story concept always intrigued me. I’m using that same concept here but not copying the whole plot.

June 21st, 2017, Summer Solstice

The ferry cut through the waves as it made its way towards Alexandra. Anna stood on the upper deck, looking back, feeling the motion but willing and wishing for stillness. There was an aching pit in her gut and she gripped the railing for some stability. Today was the day for the memorial for all the people who had been lost to the last Cedar Point earthquake on May the 7th.  The dead and the town itself were to be mourned. Cedar Point was gone.

It was literally the last earthquake, because it demolished Cedar Point. What was left of the town was no more than rubble and was declared uninhabitable and unsafe. The other half of the town had slid into the sea after the tsunami that had followed the tremors. The Coast Guard and the Red Cross had mobilized to rescue who they could with the help of the remaining members of the Cedar Point Police and Fire Departments.

Anna shuddered at her disjointed memories of that terrible day as the ocean’s spray battered at her face, her expression impassive. She had been pulled from the debris unconscious and it was all still piecing together in her muddled thoughts, her subconscious emerging, and her nightmares. The Lavender Dreams was gone, and her mother with it. Everyone who survived had so much loss to overcome it was hard to just keep breathing and move forward. But Alexandra, their sister city, had opened its arms, and its homes to take in those seeking refuge to rebuild their lives how they could.

She felt the ship slowing and docking and just stood immobile for as long as she thought she could get away with it. Other passengers trudged to the exit, raw from their own struggles and sorrows. Some of Anna’s friends had come on earlier ferries, settled in with closer connections they had with the people of Alexandra. Tamela had Frank, and had simply moved in. Stephanie, Tristan and Michael had all survived and were staying with Michael’s brother’s family. Her younger brother Ryan, his partner, and their sweet baby were being put up by none other than Alexandra’s mayor, Adum Brate and his wife Megan. The Yamadas had suffered great losses too though. Garrett and his boyfriend Ziven hadn’t survived. They had been found in each other’s arms in the rubble. It had been the day they had gotten engaged. Hiroshi Yamada had also never been rescued or found.

Finally, Anna turned around and noticed she was alone on the deck. She had to disembark. She had to take her last steps away from her life in Cedar Point. With nothing but a small backpack she made her way to the sliding doors to the lower decks. Numbly she walked and waited for the doors to slide open. They did, and she took one step through but then an unexpected blast hit like something had exploded, knocking her flat on her back. Her head smacked hard on the metal floor and the world swam in front of her eyes again, like it had in the quake. She felt the odd sensation of being somehow cleaved. Anna lay limp as the blackness enveloped her. At the same time…Anna… walked forward……

Stepping Through

Anna Wright shook her head around as she stepped through the sliding doors, oddly disoriented as her feet found the stairs. What was wrong with her?! She felt dizzy and her ears were ringing. Running her hands along the wall she made her way carefully to the parking level following a few last cars that trickled out. The strange sensations subsided and she caught her breath as she walked. Maybe she was just hungry and dehydrated. No…it wasn’t just her…an alarm sounded and there was shouting. Anna sped up to a jog and made her way quickly off the ferry. As her foot hit the solid ground of the road, another blast hit, knocking her forward. She gripped the pavement for dear life and closed her eyes. When she opened them, there was pandemonium in all directions. She vaguely saw Phoenix, who she was meeting from the ferry, seemingly calling out to her and running towards her.  But when she looked back, the ferry was simply…..gone.

Falling Back

“She’s coming to! Miss….miss can you hear me?”

Anna was vaguely aware of a male voice talking at her and a blurry figure standing over her.

“Ugh….yeah….what the hell……”

She started to sit but the world spun around and a wave of nausea hit her too fast for warning. Anna rolled to her right and vomited in slow painful heaves.

The man leaning over her jumped back a bit but tried to sound comforting “Julie…we have another concussion over here. It’s OK miss, just take it slow……..we’re still figuring out what happened……”

Anna gasped for fresh air and her vision began to focus again. She was still on the ferry but there was no Alexandra Island in sight. They were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no land in sight. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mayor Shirley Douglas Calls an Election

Cedar Point Mayor, Shirley Douglas, smiles warmly at the crowd "Thank you all for coming today Cedar Point. this town is my home and fill my heart. You've all been good to me and re-elected me way too many times now. I'm calling an election again, but this time I won't be running. I'm going to retire. And I'm going to move in with the man that I love." She pauses and blushes, looking out to Fred in the crowd. Some locals may not recognize him out of his serious suits. Shirley continues "Some of the news in the tabloid is correct, the good parts." She laughs. "There will be a civic vote held on June 16th for the mayoral candidacy. I know it's short but I know we can pull it off. I really do hope someone else runs or I'll have to take a page out of my dear Fred's book and appoint our police chief." She winks at Fred and then grins at Nick.

Nick Callahan gulps and holds up a hand "I'm thinking of 5 people to nominate...right now..." He calls out. then he looks beside him and figures out it's Fred next to him "Mr. Sewid, you're in disguise." He smiles at the folk around him all the way over to the tall man in the Tim Horton's hoodie, sharing the joke.

Former Alexandra Mayor, Fred Sewid, walks over to the crowd at the appointed time of the press conference and, on a whim, stands next to Nick Callahan. He's criticized the Cedar Point Chief in the past, but ... politics. Besides .. its possible he won't even be recognized as he's in brown jeans, a blue sweater and a wool cap on his bald head. He DOES glance around, looking for Rita Potter, but doesn't see her. As a result, he assumes everyone he does NOT know works FOR Rita. When Shirley mentions his name, he ALMOST grins, but holds off. Then she mentions taking a page out of his book and looks at Nick. His voice lowers very slightly. "I wanted to support her. I think she has wonderful idea. Brate's wife can supply your girlfriends brothel and we'll throw a joint party for Potter." he growls Rita's last name, sounding damn near Snape-like.

Han Weng walks up to the crowd wondering what is going on clasping tight on to the shopping bags . he looks over to the mayor as she speaks with interest as he hears the news interesting in the community he has joined for the past several years but as he is just a immigrant he just nods  as he listens to what his family have live with . he just smiles at the apparently chief of police and looks back at the mayor

Shirley Douglas laughs heartily. Her press conferences were always interactive like this "Do you hear that folks, our Chief Nick has 5 candidates. Now some of you better step up or it'll be all cops all the time. Just think of the overworked bakery staff!" She jokes. She looks each person in the crowd in the eyes "I started in this position when I was a much younger woman, with far less political experience. If you love this community, participate it it's governance. We all make Cedar Point what it is. Support each other, educate each other. I have no doubt that this town will thrive."

Nick Callahan stifles a chuckle at Fred "I'll tell Tally to have some extra clean sheets on hand. " He pats Fred on the shoulder and says "You're a funny guy when you take the stick of of yer ass eh?" He jokes back quietly. Then he listens to Shirley and calls out "And don't forget the pub! We cops like variety." He heckles back. Then he looks touched by her reaching out to the crowd and what she says and nods along, sincerely.\

Fred Sewid continues to listen and scan the crowd. This town adored Shirley and, if they had their way, they'd have her mayor as a ghost. But she was choosing a life with him and he feels a wave of love wash over him for her. He can't help half a grin at her little pep talk. SO sweet, so true and so like her. He chuckles at Nick. "I can still spank you, young man." he quips. He keeps listening to Shirley. "I don't know, Callahan. They might love her too much. Sure you don't want me to set up a meeting between you and young Brate? At least you two aren't likely to be caught in a sex scandal in your 80's." he smirks.

Han Weng just chuckles softly as looking over to the chief then back to Shirley a bit sadden to see her go. he just quietly nods his face fill of nervousness but most full of hope as he listens to the mayor.. he looks back and quips "Well she is lovely enough that she doesn't look that old.  That tricky vile Potter as a very twisted imagination .." He smiles and chuckles speaking in his heavy Chinese accent.

Shirley Douglas just waves off Nick and his antics with a little giggle and smiles at the man who said she didn't look old "Thank you dear." Then she takes some questions from the press as she's always open to. The reporter directly in front of her asks if she's moving to Alexandra and she faces the question head on "Yes I will be moving. I have to give up the mayor's house anyway." She looks over the crowd again "Another reason to's a great house." she says jovially "Wonderful for family dinners....view of the beach...."

Nick Callahan hangs his head down and shakes it, laughing at Fred "Yeah not likely." He smiles at the man who defended Shirley in the crowd. Then he laughs at her advertising the mayor's house as a perk.

Fred Douglas hears the compliment from an Asian man. Chinese or Japanese or Korean ... or one of those ilk. He puts his hands in his pockets and can't help but beam when Shirley admits publicly that she will be moving to Alexandra. He leans his head towards Nick. "If someone doesn't step up, think she'll toss CoCo into the pot? Free pet. Mature dog. Still mostly house trained?"

Han Weng just chuckles "I'd run in a heartbeat.. but I'm just a immigrant in  this fair wonderful village.. but I will support who ever does." He smiles with earnest  "And voice my opinion in city hall meetings till I can vote." He looks at Shirley, smiling at her apparent happiness.

Shirley Douglas smiles "We are both a town and country of many nations. Don't let that hold you back from anything Sir." She gives the tall man a twinkly eyed smile and then gives Fred one eyebrow wiggle before getting flagged by the press again "Yes? Oh goodness I'd have to favourite memory of being mayor. I have too many competing in my head. I really loved anytime I got to work out of the office...even beach clean up days...that's right...." She laughs "Sometimes you need to put on the rubber boots."

Nick Callahan snickers and calls out "Coco for Mayor....then you'd come visit us more Shirley......she loves the beach...and the garbage pick up"

Fred Sewid grins and, when Nick mentions Coco he pulls one hand out of his pocket and coughs into his fist. Looking up at Shirley he winks quickly.

Han Weng just laughs and takes her word to heart he looks at her nodding  in agree to her inspiring word clapping at them ."here here" he adds.

Shirley Douglas snorts "Coco! She'd sleep through every meeting and...the accidents....oh no she'll be coming with me I'm afraid. Easier on the city hall rugs too." The crowd chuckles collectively.

Nick Callahan just sighs "Won't be the same without you Shirley." He says loud enough for all to hear "But you've earned it and we wish you well."

Fred Sewid snorts to himself and glances at Nick. The love this city has is heartwarming. But he won't suffer from guilt in taking Shirley away from all of this.

Han Weng laughs with the crowd. he nods and claps with that sentiment 'to a peaceful and happy retirement to the happy couple 'he say loudly above the crowd.

Shirley Douglas notices some of the press packing up and nods at them and then smiles at the congratulations "Thank you, again. I've pretty much said it. The rest is up to you, Cedar Point. It's the end of my work day now so I'm popping next door for a glass of red wine. If anyone has further questions, I'm easy to find." She steps away from the podium and waits for Fred "Buy you a drink sailor?"

Nick Callahan laughs and pats Fred on the back as Shirley steps down "Sailor." He flashes a grin at the friendly man and the congrats.

Frederick.Sewid chuckles, his eyes on Nick then moves to Shirley, putting an arm around her shoulder. "Anytime, Madame Mayor." and he leans in to kiss her, not caring, but knowing he is blowing his cover. It's all out in the open and he is a grown man.

Han Weng shifts his bag to fish out his phone out of his pocket.. 'ohh okay ..... i get you and Hani some.. yes .. yes' he say happily talk to the person on the other line  as he head for the pub 'yes i know double the order for him 'he laughs as he talks and walks . he smiles at the older couples kiss chuckling 'oh just getting a glimpse of the future. , love 'he says as he walks away

Shirley Douglas kisses Fred sweetly ignoring a few ooohs from the townsfolk and then chuckling "Come on. You're like the kids in your toque. I think the word they use is hipster right?" She walks with him as the crowd disperses.

Nick Callahan looks highly amused and gets pulled into a few conversations and is one of the ooh s on the kiss before he keeps chatting.

Frederick.Sewid  chuckles at the oohhss and ahhhsss. "Probably. Hipster .. yea. That's me. One step closer to the life of my dreams." he moves his arm and hooks her elbow. "Come on, Madame Mayor, before I have to call you 'baby' in front of all these kids."

Han Weng hangs up the phone and looks up at the menu "I'll have 3 of your pacific salmon fillets. 'he says   'One of the order can you double it up or do I need to order a second one? he says softly.

Shirley Douglas settles into a stool and smiles down at the kind resident who was so supportive "I'm sorry, I don't think we've met. Your kind words were very appreciated though." She looks at Deidre "Oh the Merlot please and....I'm buying for this handsome gentleman as well." She gives Fred's knee a little squeeze.

Frederick.Sewid  squeezes her hand back and looks at this resident that was so kind with his words. "I'll have the same." he orders, squeezing back. He settles in. "I think I'm getting used to denim, love." he rumbles, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Han Weng smiles as he waits for the answer then turns to Shirley 'ohhh I dont think you have.. I'm usually working 'he chuckles 'but I'm on vacation this week 'he smiles . he looks kindly at her 'well your speech was rather inspiring . what a loss we have inflicted today .. but our loss in not in vain.. we are just glad you are happy 'he smiles at the couple .. 'my name is Han.. you may know my not so little anymore of spunky son Hani 'he laughs smiling  . he looks to the Fred 'you are a lucky man 'he say 'but I'm sure you know that 'he laugh softly

Shirley Douglas beams "Oh Hani yes. Such a  nice young man. He sure likes the cemetery across from my house. " She leans towards Fred "Good. Be comfortable, relax. It's what retirement is dear. I'm well on my way now too...."

Frederick.Sewid  chuckles at the man. "I know. Believe me ... I know." he lifts Shirley's hand and kisses it. "I've waited nearly all my life for this."

Han Weng chuckles a bit nervously 'yeah .. he then perks up at the couple glad for the change of topic 'well good.. you both deserve happiness 'he smiles at them 'I heard you've known each other for a long time.. life long sweet hearts .. its quite romantic 'he beams

Shirley Douglas melts a bit at Fred and then blushes at Han "Yes it took us awhile but I think we've got it now." She laughs and takes her wine and passes Fred his.

Frederick.Sewid  almost laughs. "Few people use the word 'romantic' in regard to me, son." he rumbles. he takes his wine. "Over half a century of preparation, we'd better get it by now." he smirks and sips.

Han Weng looks over to the waitress.. 'oh thank you .. for doubling the order . can i trouble you to get me a glass of soda . the orders are to goo. 'he ads and turns back 'well you got it now so that all that counts right . to make the most of it now 'he smiles 'that what life is about 'he smiles  knowingly Han adds "And a lime soda. "

Shirley Douglas sips and then smiles "So you have your there a Mrs or a cohabitation? We're not stuck on tradition here..."

Frederick.Sewid  nods and drinks. "That's my plan. Whatever time I have left .. belongs to this woman."

Han Weng smiles 'there is Mrs and we are semi traditional .. well as normal as one can be 'he laughs 'he changes .. 'ou see my boy has two fathers.. me and the one that gave him his DNA so.. its me, my wife.. Wolf and wolf's partner ..  'he explains he but quickly add 'but not all under the same roof ' he laughs.

 Shirley Douglas leans over and kisses Fred on the cheek and says "And mine is yours..." Then she thinks as Han tries to explain and swirls her wine in the glass "Well that's all very...modern isn't it? Good for you....all of you..." She takes a big sip.

 Frederick.Sewid  arches his brow. "That sounds a bit too much for me. But I'm old." he winks and drains his wine. "Shall I walk you back to the Mayoral Palace m'lady?" his muddy brown eyes twinkling with mirth.

Han Weng nods 'more love for Hani 'he laughs 'more eyes to watch him .. cuz he is very .. ' he ponders the word 'spirited young man but this fair village is the best home he can have and it all just started as a vacation here that we never wanted to leave 'he say as his order it place before him Han smiles at the couple.

Shirley Douglas giggles at Fred "Careful what you say dear...I'm sure the tabloids have room for one more scandal about us before all is said and done." She smiles at Han "It does take a village as they say. I'm glad you settled here Han and I'm glad to meet you. Enjoy your food and your family time." She finishes her wine and leaves cash for Deidre, refusing change and bestowing a healthy tip on the grateful young barkeep "And to all a goodnight."

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Old Haunts Part 2 - Taking Comfort - Jack and Connie- ADULT CONTENT

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Jack takes Connie by the hand and just walks with her around the building to the front door and then through the hallway towards the entrance door to the apartments. There are a lot of stairs and he walks with her in grinning silence, not making a move until they get to his doorway at the top. It's only then that he pushes her up against it and kisses her. He doesn't waste time with his kissing. It's immediately deep and wanting, his hands in her hair and his body pressing against hers as his breath quickens. On hand fumbles into his pocket for a key and he doesn't stop kissing her to unlock, leaving them still up against his front door in the hallway.

Connie is both pleased and amazed at the initiative.  She says nothing.  A huge fan of kissing, she enjoys it, her own hands in his hair and his body as he moves them around, both caring and not if the door is ever opened.

Jack keeps kissing her for a long time, truly enjoying it too and her reaction. Eventually his mouth moves down to her neck kissing up and down and to her ears. One hand reaches down and tries to rug at her leg to pull it around him but the denim of the skirt is stiffer than will allow and he chuckles and gently pushes it up a bit and then tries, hoping she won't object to his pace. He lightly presses his pelvis into her on the next lean in as he sucks an earlobe hard into his mouth.

Connie actually helps him, using one hand to pull  her skirt up and them murmurs.  "Here ...."  and moves his hand from almost under her skirt to under her sweater and down her skirt.  She spreads her legs as wide as the long denim skirt will allow her, pressing into him, wanting and encouraging his touch.

Jack moans as she guides him and begins rubbing the flat of his middle and index fingers between her legs in long sensual strokes through her underwear. He doesn't go under immediately but as he rubs he gets close to the edges a few times like he might at any moment. He moves his kisses back to her mouth and they become unmistakably hotter and relentless.

Connie sighs deeply as she feels his touch and she, in her turn moves to touch him, rubbing against him.  She feels for him outside of his jeans for now, but finds herself eager for more already.  With another sigh she tries to deepen what is already a deep kiss.

Jack is already hard and it's pressing against his jeans and her hand as she rubs. At her touch he grunts and his hand slides into her panties seeking her skin, her wetness, all the places he can find that he might tease and please. His other hand slides up her sweater and starts caressing her breasts and he kisses her so hard and deep he might be rolling the back of her head around on the door.

Connie actually cries out when his hand moves inside her panties and finds her flesh.  Once again she tries to hike her skirt up and is more or less successful, able to lift her leg and wrap it around him a bit,  His hand on her breast as well drives her wind and she cries out again in his mouth, any words muffled in her passion, but eagerly rubbing against him, feeling his hardness.

Connie's cries make Jack simply ravish her upper body with kisses and caresses. He smiles at her as he moves from her mouth to her neck and then yanks up her sweater and kisses in a frenzy around the edges of her breasts while grinding into her body with his own just as he finds and focuses his rubbing right on her clit. "I want you..." He murmurs into her breast "So bad..."

Blindly, Connie works at the button of Jacks jeans, even as he yanks her sweater up.  By the time he speaks, she is trying to yank his zipper down, finding herself even more eager with this man in her own age group.  "Here .. now ... please Jack."  she pants, not caring if they are in a hallway or a bedroom or the dance floor below them.  She cares about nothing but having this man now.

Jack assists her and his pants and underwear slide down to his knees as his cock springs out ready for action "Oh fuck yes...." He breathes out and slides her underwear to one side, lifting her a bit and poising the tip of his cock to enter her. He moves one thumb back to her clit, still rubbing lightly "You say when....oh god Connie..."

Connie gets her skirt up completely and shudders against his thumb.  "Now ... please .. Jack .. God .. please."  she pants, wanting and needing him right now.

Jack slides into her with a little grin and then a happy moan. He keeps the thumb in it's magic spot and starts gently thrusting, going deep inside her and bumping her into the door each time. As he goes on, there's eventually a grunt that meets each time he's all the way in. God it's been so long and she feels incredible. Jack could care less that they never made it into his place right now.

Connie lifts up to meet his first thrust and moans  She moves with him, lifting her legs to allow him as deeply as possible.  She moans as he continues to touch her and she begins to tremble, tightening her walls against him.  She cums with ease and often and the first orgasm begins with cries that are not screams, but not quiet either.  She simply does not care where they are.  He feels too good.

Jack's grunts become moans as he moves just a little faster and a hell of a lot harder. By the time she starts cuming he's feeling himself right on the edge and has to slow it twice to give her as long as he can for her orgasms. The fact that she has many make him lose it  completely by her fourth and then he practically slams into her and cries out. His thrusts ebb after the last short strokes and he starts kissing her again, this time more gently.

Connie has begin to cry out as the fourth orgasm hits her and her mind is too stunned to appreciate it as he begins to cum as well.  She relaxes, letting one leg drop to the floor trying to steady herself, kissing him gently and panting.  She strokes his hair and smiles at him, kissing him all over his face even as she shakes in pleasure.

Jack feels her kisses and her shaking and wraps his arms tightly around her, holding her close. He's still in her and pulls back after another moment and also carefully pulls out. There's a light stream of mess down both of their thighs and he has to chuckle "Let's go in where I have something for that...I really did try to unlock the door..."

Connie smiles.  "Oh .... right ... in ...."  she chuckles as well.  "Oh this was wonderful.  I'll never forget it."  she stands and straightens herself out ... a little bit ... her skirt falling a little and her sweater still askew.  "To look at your coffee maker."  she grins and leans against him.  "Sorry ...  I'm a little weak in the knees ..."  she admits.

Jack smirks "Glad I haven't lost my touch. That was unforgettable." He holds her a little longer and offers "We can lie down and still see the coffee maker. It really is just a room." He pulls up his pants and underwear and fishes for the key again, this time unlocking and pushing open the door. He carefully steers Connie in.

Connie laughs a little bit.  ""No, you have not lost your touch ..."  she agrees.  "Or if you;re rusty I would LOVE to be the be to help you get that touch back."  she nods.  "I'd like that.  You're great fun.  Never .. thought a man my own age could ..."  she shrugs and pushes that thought mostly away as she goes inside and looks around the little place.  "My husband was a man all about the quickies and no worry for me."  she explains.  "And you ....  are incredible."

Jack frowns "Well that's not good. He didn't get off on the idea of getting you off? I don't want to speak ill of the dead...." Jack locks the door and leads her all the way in, to the bed. He strips off his clothes and pulls back the covers and then grabs some tissue for their legs and wipes her first before his own. Then he lies down and pats the spot beside him to invite her to join.

Connie nods.  "Oh, believe me, I spoke ill of the dead enough for many."  she huffs, as he cleans them off.  Now naked and laying down beside him she sighs in comfort.  "Zack was one of those men who simply never considered a woman's sexual needs.  Or a man's or anyone but himself.  I knew I could feel damn good as a teen, but Zack never made that a priority."  she contemplates the ceiling.  "And when he came back from fishing he'd be horny but tired, so ... he'd climb on and get off ... and then be right back on the water a day or so later."  she grins a little.  "If I had had the internet back then, I probably would have taken him in hand .. so to speak."  she giggles a bit.  "But I learned ... thank to those younger men, but I confess ... It gave me a prejudice against men my own age that did not get shattered until a minute ago."  she pats his shoulder.

Jack pulls the sheet around them and tucks Connie into a snuggle "Younger men? I'll try not to be too intimidated." He jokes "I started out a lot like Zach to be honest, but my wife threatened to strike if I didn't slow down and work on her. So I learned...And there's always more to learn with every woman." He smiles sheepishly "You can school me all you want Connie Reader." He gives her a tender kiss after that proclamation.

Connie chuckles.  "Don't be.  Even busy with customers, you converse better than they do."  she assures him, snuggling up to him.  "I did not go for the younger men except that they were ... well .. like vibrators with pulses."  she admits.  "I already knew I had a high libido, but ... I learned to live with what I got.  Pleasant surprise when I found out that, even though I may cum fast ... I can cum over and over again.  And you can use me as a slate as often as you want Jack Douglas."  she shudders a little and looks around.  "By the way ... nice coffee maker."  she nods at it.

Jack looks over at the coffee maker and smirks "Thanks eh." He kisses her again, deeply this time, affected by her little shudder. His hands start caressing her back, her shoulders and arms and then moving to her breasts. His kisses trail down seductively, and hands and mouth work together. He cups her breasts and kisses them all over before taking a nipple into his mouth and flicking it lightly with his tongue.

Connie happily gets back into the kissing and moans softly when he finds her breasts.  She caresses his back as he flicks with a soft smile, watching him pleasure her.  Time for more play ... and she loves that.

Jack moves between her breasts for awhile, just enjoying her skin, curves, reactions. Eventually his kisses trail down her ribs and across her hips and pelvis. He caresses her hips and thighs and then is very clearly spreading her legs and starting to move between them. He breathes in her scent and grunts and then slides his hand between her legs finding her clit again with the flat of the same two fingers he used before. He sits up a bit and watches her, making eye contact while he rubs the happy little button in circles. He bites his lip and brings his other hand down and slides that middle finger right into her, and gently thrusts it in a slow rhythm, now pleasuring with both hands.

Connie watches him and leans back a little.  Her legs open to his touch and she moans when he finds her clit again.  Staring into his eyes, she nods and props herself up on her elbows, her jaw slack.  "Yes."  she sighs, her legs opening even wider, watching his other hand move and begin to play.  She cries out as his finger enters her and begins to thrust.  "Oh .. Jack ... yes."  her hips move slightly, meeting his thrusts eagerly.

Jack grins a bit, enjoying the show he's helping facilitate. He keeps going getting a little harder and faster with both hands. He's in no hurry and has plans for this to be part one of three ways to get her off since her orgasms are so fantastically plentiful. Part of him is curious to see just how many she can get to. His fingers are skilled, steady and long and his expression is both highly aroused and determined.

While Connie is not consciously putting on a show, her moans and pants together with how she writhes on his hand are unquestionably erotic.  As he moves faster she begins to cum again, bucking up.  "Jack .. please.  God .. don't stop."  she gasps, even as she begins to come down from a fifth orgasm.  "More . please ... please.  Lick me .. please ..  make me cum more.  Jack."  she is looking at him, her eyes heavily lidded and hungry, almost as if she is intoxicated.  She is vaguely aware that she is being a little selfish, but she has every intention of returning the favor with as much interest as she can manage.

Jack does not need to be asked for that twice. That was next in his plans. He moans when she says it and dips his head down quickly replacing his fingers on her clit with his tongue. He tries to keep the same pace and pressure after the switch, adjusting her legs slightly as he simply settles in and keeps pleasing her.

Connie whimpers when he re positions himself.  Her hips move up and down rhythmically and she spreads her legs further, even s he helps her adjust them.  She lays flat on her back, her arms grabbing his bed clothes.  Her moans become primal and her head moves back and forth.  The sounds of her pleasure are far from quiet and just th eidea that there may be someone in the apartment below them might hear makes her cum again, trembling.  And yet her pleasure continues to build.  She knows what is coming ... but never before has a man brought her there.

Jack is loving every second, her sounds, her taste and smell, her body pressing into him as she moves up and down. He's rock hard again as he moves his whole face with her clit, his tongue the focal point in the center of the magic. His finger drives into her deeply in sync with his tongue, steering her, pushing her harder for more and more.

Connie can feel his face and finger and writhes sensuously under him.  "Oh Jack ....  Oh, God .. Jack ... "  she dissolves into unintelligible moans and suddenly her hips arch in what is clearly her hardest orgasm yet.  And it is a squirting one.  The sound from her throat is almost a squeak and her body is still, pressing her throbbing clit up into her mouth, holding it there before she goes limp.

Jack closes his mouth around the steam and moans into her clit like it's the hottest thing ever as he drinks it all into him. He comes down with her as she goes limp and eases his mouth off and gently, finger still in her but just still as the energy ebbs. He shudders and presses his face into her abdomen breathing out "Holy fuck..."

Connie lays back, panting as if she's run a marathon.  She can still feel her throbbing around his still finger and, after a moment, she looks down her own body, reaching to rest her hand on his hand.  "Holy .... fuck .... indeed."  she says as she works to catch her breath.  "God ....  I've squirted before Jack ... but ... but .. always alone."  she takes in a couple of deep and calming breaths.  "You've earned a place on my speed dial, if you want it."  she teases him, knowing he will actually remember speed dial on the old defunct landline phones of yesteryear..  "Come here."  she beckons him into her arms.  "Give me a moment ... and then its reciprocation class."  she manages a wink.

Jack crawls up to her and snuggles in "Speed dial eh? Thanks, and honestly no pressure. That was incredible for me are amazing Connie. I could happily get you off all day and night." His own erection bumps her thigh and he chuckles and pushes it to one side.

Connie laughs.  "I will DEFINITELY be taking you up on that."  she grins at his erection and reaches to grasp it, looking at it before her eyes return to Jack.  She considers a moment and then lets it go, taking his face in her hand instead.  Kissing him deeply she breaks it and looks into his eyes.  "I need a friend like you, Jack.  A man I can talk to as well as have incredible sex with."  she grins.  She is still ignoring his erection, as she wants it to go down so she can enjoy him from beginning to end, although she doesn't tell him that.

Jack grunts and grins as she grabs him and looks and lets go. He takes her cue when she moves to his face instead and kisses her back sweetly "I like that idea too Connie. I'm easy to find, even without speed dial. My schedule might annoy you as it's all nights." He runs his fingers over one side of her head and through the beginning of her hair, stopping before he's tangled in curls but then repeating the beginning.

Connie smiles.  "Well, I am effectively retired, so I can adjust to your schedule.  Stop by near closing."  she enjoys his hands in her hair.  "Have a jack and then have a Jack."  she winks at him.  Recovering she blows out a breath.  "And this is just an adorable room."  she declares.  "Don't you EVER leave it to travel anyplace?"  she wonders.  "Because if I get that prefab, I will need someone to help me christen it and Chief Rabbi Nick isn't an option."  she winks.

Jack grins and nuzzles into her neck "I thought the Callahan's were Catholic.....but I'd be happy to help you warm your new house. I'll be on that island a lot of you're still thinking of Alexandra. With hiring Molly, I can actually take off now and then."

Connie chuckles.  "Possibly, but the way people get quiet when he enters the bar remind me of a Rabbi I knew once."  she grins.  "That gives me more reason to consider Alexandra.  My best friend is going to move there, too."  she grins.  "Think you might like a little outdoor play?  Give me a reason to really work on the patio."  she caresses his neck.  "Oh .. that's right?  Your daughter is there ... and the grand baby.  SO lucky."

Jack looks back up at her and smiles "I like it when the cops come in. No bar fights those night at ALL..." He laughs and then gives her a sultry look "I'll play anywhere you want, anytime......" He gives her a little nibbling kiss and then says "Still awhile before the grand baby. But I am excited. I didn't think my kids would ever go there. Megan settling down with someone was ....a bit of a shock." He admits.

Connie giggles a bit.  "I bet."  she bites the corner of her lip, glancing down a bit, trying not to look like she is checking out his naked body.  "Then we will.  I promise.  On the patio, being quiet so no one calls the police on us."  she winks and looks curious.  "She ... had her father's libido?"  she queries.

Jack looks awkward and blushes at that question about Megan "Uh...well she didn't want to commit to one guy for a long time, turns out she was holding out for one she'd known all her life, Adum." He smiles a bit and pulls back the sheet "You can look...I sure as hell did..." He runs his hand over her breast lightly, not starting anything, just appreciating. His erection has calmed and he's just sweet and cuddly right now. Jack is a tall wiry framed man in good shape.

Connie looks charmed.  "Oh that's so sweet."  she admits.  "And your blush is just adorable."  she looks again and smiles at the hand over her breast.  "I really am in the most beautiful twilight years."  she announces.  "Learning things about myself I never knew."  she  kisses his cheek.  "How much I love cuddling in bed and talking, for starters."

Jack leans into her kiss and grins and moves his hand from caressing her to both arms around her in a squeezing hug "Mmm that's good....because I like it a lot too." He exhales into her hair.

Connie hugs him right back.  "Good.  Lets relax and have fun."  but she pulls the sheet off of them and rests her hand on his soft penis.  "Do you have a preference for grand kids at first?"  she wonders, not grabbing and jacking him, but softly massaging it.

Jack gives a little "Mmmm" at where she puts her hand but then says "I'm not sure what you mean by preference? And if you keep doing that I might not answer very clearly..." He says chuckling. There's a slight lift towards her hand, firming but not fully hardening just yet. It's clear Jack's happy about her touch though.

Connie watches his cock and then looks back at him.  "Boy or girl?"  she asks, readjusting herself to lounge so her head is at his cock.  "And I think we still have some time to talk before I blow you speechless."  she announces, almost casually, then leans over his cock and kisses it, then licks at it, but doesn't suck at him.  Casual, as if she has all the time in the world.

Jack shudders and grunts "No preference....just healthy....oh god Connie...." He looks at her eagerly and caresses the side of her face as he closes his eyes. Now he's becoming visibly hard again and it springs up to greet her as it rises.

Connie nods and leans her face into his touch.  "See, I thought you might like a grandson.  You know after all girls."  she sees him become visibly hard again and smiles, taking another long, languorous lick from the base of his shaft to the tip.  "Are you a big sports fan, like?"  she swirls her tongue around the head of his cock and moves it back down.

Jack laughs a little at her determination to maintain conversation. He nods vaguely about the grandson comment and then grunts and lets his head roll back "I like sports..." He says into an exhale and then moans and presses his hip up at her "Oh......ohhhhh....." His breath comes  faster now.

Connie pulls herself up onto her knees.  "Good.  Someday we'll have to watch some."  she states and leans over his cock again, braced with her knees apart and a roll of her shoulders.  She lowers her mouth onto him and sucks him gently, slowly pulling up completely and turning her head  and nuzzling the head of his cock with her cheek.  "What else can we talk about?"  she grins, nearly innocent.

Jack knows she's fucking with him now and sort of smirks and then whimpers at her "You're beautiful......please blow me...." He looks truly pained waiting for more "I'll do ANYTHING you want...."

Connie shudders almost visibly, even as she out and out smiles at him.  "Gladly."  is all she replies however as she takes him into her mouth again, looking sideways at him and reaching to caress his face.  She sucks gently, almost teasingly.  One hand slides to his balls and cups them, adding that to her play.

Jack starts to lightly pant, watching her and feeling her mouth on him. the lower hand doesn't affect him as much as the sucking but he kisses at the hand caressing his face and suck on one of her fingers as he gets it to his mouth.

Around the cock in her mouth, Connie grins as he sucks her finger.  Then she winks and moves the hand away from him, wrapping it around his shaft and moving her head and hand up slowly, continues her gentle sucking.

This has a definite affect and Jack writhes and moans, his hand sliding over head head with appreciative caresses "Oh god yes...." He murmurs at her.  He watches her with a look of absolute pleasure on his face.

Connie notes his reaction and the hand on his balls is pulled away.  She moves around and straddles one of his legs.  Now facing him, she sort of hmmm's at him, a inquisitive, almost teasing sound, as she knows he will be able to feel her voice.

Jack grips her head lightly now and thrust at her with another moan and a distinct drop of precum escapes.

Connie tastes it and slows down a bit.  She lifts her head and lowers her but.  "Oh ... you like that."  it's barely a question.  But she keeps her head up a little letting him cool off if even for a second.  Then her voice becomes an almost sigh.  "Good."  she whispers and, still straddling his leg, begins to grind herself into his knee.  "Maybe your like this hum better."  she moans in pleasure and lowers her head again, sucking him, stroking him and moaning as she uses his hard leg to please herself.

Jack takes her cool off cue but her grinding and rubbing on him makes him really struggle not to just lose it. He slides his hand along his leg and under her, adding to her rubbing fun with some helpful fingers on her clit. He's panting now and trembling in anticipation.

Connie was already more than halfway there when she began to grind on his leg, but when he added his fingers and begins to groan over and over.  "Mmmm ... mmmm ,, mmmm..."  and she bucks on his fingers as she cums again, sucking at him more eagerly now.  Wanting to taste him.  Wanting him to feel as good as he is making her feel.

Jack moans again as he can tell she's cumming and bucking. Oh god. He could just crawl into this woman's beautiful orgasms and live in them forever. Her cuming and sucking and noise and vibrations make him explode in her mouth, crying out loudly in what ends in a whimper and a series of short grunts as he just gently pumps it all into her mouth. He keeps his fingers moving on her clit the whole time. His arm is slightly overextended but he doesn't care. At this point though he can only move those fingers, the rest of him has simply collapsed.

Connie swallows, like she is dying of thirst.  She sucks him until there is nothing left and then she drags herself up his body to kiss him, even as one of her hands clasps his finger to her clit.  Not moving it, she just kisses him in something like gratitude.  Once she breaks it she breathes.  "Thank you .. god you taste incredible.  Feel incredible."

Jack kisses her back tiredly at first and then with growing gratitude of his own. His fingers keep working as long as she wants them and he smiles at her when she talks "You're incredible.....Connie...where did you come from?" He lets out a little laugh.

Connie grinds on his finger, just enjoying the finger on her.  Laughing she kisses his cheek.  "I have cum WAY too many times to pronounce where I came from.  Lets just be happy I am here now."  she grins and grinds.  "The thing is ... I can't cum again, I don't think.  I lost count.  But god ..."  she grinds again.  "It feels so good I don't care." she pulls herself into a laying position beside him and sighs in bliss.  "You're incredible Jack.  I am SO glad I met you."

Jack grins "I'm glad I met you too." His grin turns just a little wicked "I could serve you just one more...last call shall we say?" He rolls her onto her back and dives between her legs, grinding his tongue, and his whole face against her clit instead as he slides a finger inside her again like he just can't get enough of her. If it really seems like she's done he'll back off of course but he'd love to let her have the last round before they sleep.

Connie laughs as shes put on her back.  She inhales and moans, arching her hips into his mouth.  "Last call ... yes ... oh please yes, Jack."  she begs arching up into him.  She can feel it, it just needs coaxing.

Jack coaxes and licks and thrusts and batters. He'll do whatever it takes and a little on the hard side right now, almost demanding she cum for him. His free hand slides up her chest and teases and plays at her nipples.

Connie continues her moaning, almost begging not only him but this orgasm.  She is on the edge.  And she knows it .... its so close ... he plays with her nipples and she reaches down and grips his shoulders.  Arching up, she can only whisper "Please .. please .. please ...."

Jack keeps going with what he's doing. He's a patient man and she's so damn close. He flattens his tongue against her clit, keeping the rhythm and pressing hard into her. His finger is still in her fucking her hard. Please is right. Please Connie, he thinks. Please cum for me just one more time.

Connie inhales as the flat of his tongue and finger fucking drive her wins and, finally, over the edge.  She arches up high and her mouth opens in a silent scream.  This is not a squirting orgasm, but it is nonetheless powerful.  But unlike the last time, she lowers herself, as if she is too sensitive to be touched there.  She whispers.  "You jack .. you ... for you ...."

Jack backs off, sensing she's done and crawls up her and holds onto her, almost feeling it emotionally between them, this strange and sad connection of the quakes that took their loved ones, the intimacy tonight, the way they relate so easily. He trembles and clings to her feeling it wash over him and whispers "Thank you....."

Connie is also shaking in his arms and feeling all he is, even if neither speaks it aloud.  The sadness, the happiness, the closeness.  The connection.  Means so much to her.  "I hadn't planned to ask but ... is it alright if I stay?"  she whispers.  "I can go to the B&B but ...."

Jack's arms tighten around her and he buries his face in her hair "Please stay..." He implores hoarsely "I don't want to let you go..."

Connie nods and swallows hard.  "Thanks.  I don't WANT to go.  Or be LET go."  she adjusts herself slightly to look into his eyes.  "You're more than just a fuck, Jack Douglas."  The words are said with a slight wondering awe as well as carrying the power of a simple statement of fact.  No man in a decade has been more than just a fuck to her.

Jack looks back at her intensely "I know. So are you." He smiles almost sadly and then kisses her with almost hesitant tenderness, as though he's fighting what motivates at first and then just gives in, melting into it.

Connie kisses him sweetly and tenderly.  "It's so unexpected."  she snuggles into him and kisses him tenderly.

Old Haunts - Black Hole RP and extended story from Mar.4th Jack, Connie, Nick, Tallulah

Constance Reader walks into the Black Hole and looks around the place people watching.  With a saunter, she approaches the bar itself, smiling at a couple ... well he's talking and she is texting.  Close enough.  She looks behind the bar, past the bartender at what's behind him.

Jack Douglas had been putting glasses on the shelf but finished and approached the female patron "Hi. What can I get for ya?"

Constance Reader puts her elbow on her knee and surveys him carefully.  "What am I in the mood for?" she seems to ask him although of course, he could not POSSIBLY know. Then she meet his eyes.  "Jack."

Jack Douglas gives her a little grin and blushes "Why thank you....although I suspect you mean Jack Daniels." He does he the courtesy of explaining "I'm Jack. Jack Douglas."

Constance Reader laughs.  "Really?" she leans forward, her eyes twinkling with mirth.  "Can I have a Jack Daniels with a Jack Douglas chaser?"  she grins which shaves ten years off of her.

Jack Douglas blushes again and lets out a short chuckle "Uh well....we'll see how it all goes....." He jokes. He grabs a glass and holds it up as he walks to the hard liquor "Ice or neat?"

Constance Reader watches him turn and go .. and she didn't miss that blush either.  "Neat.  Please." she order. "I'm too old to let anything get watered down."  she tells him.

Jack Douglas pours and sets it in front of her. He does get flirted with now and then but he's never really been a magnet for it in the sense that they mean anything by it but friendliness. "You don't look that old to me...mind you I'm no spring chicken myself. Where ya from?"

Constance Reader smiles at him.  She adores flirting .. be it for gain or for fun.  "I am from Tsawwassen."  she tells him.  "Thank you for asking BEFORE I got any alcohol in my system."  she grins.  "And I am 55 years old ...or young .. depending on who you talk to.  And you are....." she looks him up and down again.  "Forty-five ... or so."  she guesses, pulling the drink close.

Jack Douglas snickers "Cause you can't say it drunk? That could be a drinking game....let's go with young. And I'm older than you young lady. But only by two years. May I ask your name, since we've gotten past the age business?"

Constance Reader laughs.  "Exactly, but to be fair its impossible to say sober also."  she giggles a little.  "Are you REALLY?"  she seems to look at him a bit more closely.  "That must be Nation blood in you, then."  she declares and places her hand on her chest.  "I am Constance Reader."  she tells him.  "You can call me Constance, or Connie.  Your choice.":

Jack Douglas nods "Yeah keeps us young I guess...Semiahmoo." He laughs "What do you prefer? Connie or Constance?"

Constance Reader smiles at him and nods.  'As long a nothing happens to you."  she whisper.  "I prefer Connie."  she shakes herself a little bit.  Then she looks around.  "I haven't been here in a LONG time."  she sighs softly.

Jack Douglas looks a little confused and follows her glancing around "This bar...or this town?"

CONSTANCE READER looks at him. "Well .. both really. I was here last weekend or so." she chuckles. "My late husband came here a lot. Docking ...if a storm was coming or he was just too tired to sail home." she lifts her Jack and takes a respectable swallow.

Constance Reader looks at him.  "Well ..  both really.  I was here last weekend or so."  she chuckles.  "My late husband came here a lot.  Docking ...if a storm was coming or he was just too tired to sail home."  she lifts her Jack and takes a respectable swallow.

Jack Douglas rolls it around in his head, late husband, docking, Reader and then his eyebrows go up "Zach Reader?" He licks his lips and fusses at some minuscule spec on the till drawer absently and then meets her eyes "Am I right?"

Constance Reader look at him, her eyes slightly wider. "Zack.  Yes.  He as my husband." she looks at him blinking.  "Did you know him?"  its hard to say if she wants him to have or not.

Jack Douglas sighs "Yeah, he was a good guy. Came in here when he docked. I was sad to read his name in 08.....I'm sorry. My daughter lost her finance in that one.....We lost her mother in the one before....." He pours another Jack to toast with her and sees Tallulah walk in "Tally....hey..." He calls out with a small but slightly sad smile before walking back to Connie and holding up his glass.

Tallulah Beal smiles at a few people as she comes in and then Jack "Hi..." He walks away before she can say more so she follows him and then sits down by Connie "Oh too...Connie..." She senses some seriousness to the aura around them and breaks off, becoming quiet.

Constance Reader nods and sighs.  "Two...."  she whispers and turns to Tallulah.  She tries to smile.  "Hi."  he tells her, but her voice crack a little bit.  "Jack here was just ...." she swallows hard and kills the drink.  "Could I have another please.  Jack. Please." she asks, her voice slightly more shaky.

Tallulah Beal sighs heavily and then pats Connie on the arm "Oh I'm sorry.....there's a cruelty to this place. It's beautiful and terrible...."

Jack Douglas just nods and passes Connie his untouched drink and then goes to pour Two more glasses and hands one to Tallulah "Quake." is all he needs to say in explanation in this town with a kind look at Connie.

Constance Reader takes the drink.  "Thanks."  she takes another gulp and sighs.  "Yes.  Zack was 08.  Off the coast.  The boat was found but ... no crew, no nothing.  They all fell overboard in those waves..."  she sighs.  "How can I be surprised I'd come here and meet someone that knew Zack."  she forces a laugh, between a sob, a laugh and sudden hysteria.

Jack Douglas leans on the bar and takes a sip after her, in solidarity "I remember. And you're not likely to meet someone in this town who hasn't been through it in some way too....but it still fuckin sucks...."

Tallulah Beal sips too but keeps a hand on Connie "I remember that boat god. Small world....."

Constance Reader sighs deeply.  "Yes.  Four men lost.  The boat washed up ..." she shakes her head.  "I don't come here much.  Actually I was taking some of my own therapeutic advice coming here."  she sighs.  "It IS a mall world, but that's a good thing sometimes.  I get to meet people who know what its like .. or know people who know what it's like."  she looks at them both.  "Nothing for you to bury, either?"  she asks softly.

Jack Douglas shakes his head and swallows "Nope." He looks like he might have more in his head but doesn't say more. He looks at Tallulah.

Tallulah Beal looks between them "My experiences are more removed than both of yours, not a spouse, but friends, a cousin, my daughter's half brother....too many people leaving broken hearts behind I've tried to help cope....."

Constance Reader closes her eyes after Jack speaks.  "I run a widows group."  she tells them.  "To help cope."  she sighs.  "Friends count too, you know." she offers.  "I'm ... glad to know both of you."  she smiles.  "and so sorry for your loss.  I ... tried to come and deal with things when they found the boat.  But ... I wound up in the car with my son while my daughter went to find out if there was a body."  she sighs again.

Jack Douglas nods "It can be hard on the kids, especially when they're young. My girls were teens but it was still horrible. I don't even know how we did was a blur...."

Tallulah Beal rubs Connie's back and then leans back "You've taken your pain and used it to help people. That's amazing. I can't even imagine. I know for the folk left behind here...we try to take care of doesn't make it go away but the town does support those left behind as best we can."

Constance Reader nods.  "My kids were in their 20's at the time, but my son is autistic.  He ... oddly helped me remain calm. It was all very logical for him.  My daughter, however, had the people skills to deal with the police.  But I gave her a break for the memorial."  she smiles at Tallulah.  "Well ... Zack had cancer. So I spent years preparing for his death.  Then the treatments worked and the tumor shrank and there was light at the end of the tunnel.  And then."  she blows out a breath.

Jack Douglas has an audible intake of breath at the end of her story and winces and then mutters "Shit..." before tipping back his drink.

Tallulah Beal looks pained "Oh Connie....that's unbelievably unfair..."

Constance Reader scoffs.  "Tell me about it."  she takes a sip of her Jack.  "I was so ... angry in a way.  Make me mourn a living man ... make him better ... then ... sink him?"  she blows out a breath.  "I was raised Jewish, and spent a long time angry at that God."

Jack Douglas just looks at Connie knowingly "I can imagine matter the spirits in question...."

Tallulah Beal sips now and the replies after her swallow "That is more than one person should ever bear...."

Connie sighs deeply again.  "I suppose." she mutters. "Making a contest out of it never helps."  she motions to Jack.  "Lose a wife, or lose a husband.  Lose a fiance or a boyfriend?"  she shrugs. "I always feel envious of anyone that had a body to bury.  I spent every second of every day between that quake and seeing the boat's carcass thinking they'd fallen overboard but they would be alright.  And then another year waiting for the call saying a body had washed up and I could bury my man." she kills the second drink.  "If the cancer had taken him, I would have had a body." and she scoffs.  "To cremate and scatter at sea." she fingers the edge of her empty glass. "And around five years I realized that Zack died at sea .. where he was happiest."

Jack swallows hard and then needs another sip, just looking at Connie. They had never found Isabella's body either. He gets called to the other end of the bar by one of his staff and awkwardly steps away, overwhelmed even though he does want to help this poor woman.

Tallulah watches him go and then rubs Connie's shoulder "Jack understands, aside from the cancer part. They never found Isabella's body either. I'm so sorry Connie. But I'm glad we met. If being here is hard, but you want to anyways, lean on me OK?"

Connie takes in a deep breath and watched Jack move away, expecting that she has probably ripped at least some of his own healing away.  She reaches for her shoulder and takes Tallulah's hand.  "Thank you, Tallulah."  she sighs.  "It IS painful ... but that's what healing is, right?  Not that I will ever really heal.  There's guilt and anger and."  she shrugs.  "I need to keep coming back here.  Because I know I want to run and go hide someplace.  If that makes sense."

Tallulah nods at all that "You do whatever your instinct tells you is right. Everyone heals their own way." She squeezes her hand "It's a kind place to work it out in however many doses you need."

Jack consults with his employee and gestures to some stock in a lower counter, resolving some issue and then comes back, a little sheepishly and steps to the section of bar Connie and Tallulah are seated at. He quietly gives them a little nod, not wanting to just barge right back in wherever the conversation has gone onto in his absence.

Connie nods.  "Well, you'd think I'd be healed by now."  she snorts.  "It's been almost a decade now."  she takes in a couple of deep and calming breaths, during which time Jack rejoins them.  Pulling herself together a bit, she looks at him.  "I'm sorry, Jack."  she apologizes.  "If I had known I was going to slash open scars for someone else, I never would have come here."

Tallulah sighs "Time is a funny thing..." She sits back as Jack is addressed and lets go of Connie's hand.

Jack shakes his head, smiling a bit sardonically "I still got my pile of shit to wade through. I'm OK as I'm ever gonna be. Do what you need to do Connie. I'm still glad to meet you and help if I can...." He slides his hand across the bar and reaches for one of hers to give a little squeeze. They had horrible sad weird common ground but it was common and oddly, bonding.

Connie sort of snorts at Tallulah's words and squeezes Jack's hand back.  "I'm glad to meet you, too."  she admits.  "You're being around is help enough, even if it IS your job."  she grins, some of the cheery Connie coming back to the fore.  She pats his hand.  "And I will keep coming back."  she snorts and grins.  "Well, I'll have to stay the night as it is ...  Too much Jack."

Jack blushes a little and then chuckles at clears his throat "Too much Jack will do that to you..." He lets go slowly and backs up and then gets called away again "Scuse me.....duty calls."

Tallulah cranes her head at Jack as he goes and then looks at Connie with a little smile "I ask no questions about any extraneous guests.....just putting that out there......"

Connie laughs and foir her its like a release.  Then she looks at Tallulah.  "Extraneous guests?"  she seems mildly confused.  "Oh ... well ... "

Tallulah giggles "Bad timing perhaps on that comment. He just don't blush easily. And I've known Jack Douglas since kindergarten. Small towns."

Jack is testing a soda pump that seems to be acting up while his other barkeep explains what's been happening with it. He ducks under the counter and starts unhooking hoses.

Connie arches a brow.  "Is that so?"  she looks down the bar at him.  "So SOME good came of this."  she looks back at Tallulah.  "I can only imagine how adorable he was in kindergarten."  she smiles, the flirt in her beginning to rise again.

Tallulah laughs "He was a holy terror. You'd never know it now. He mellowed out as an adult. But he was a hyperactive little kid. Different time back then, they didn't label all the kids and medicate them but he probably would be in that category if he was a child in today's world. I think in his case, he didn't have a very stable home life unless he was staying at his Aunt Shirley's. His parents had some problems, drank hard, died young. So for awhile he had some problems. But he got it together. And he's the nicest guy.  Gets dragged into the odd bar fight here...he won't hit back, just talks them down if he can. Gentle soul."

Connie smiles, a bit sadly.  "Yes.  Now they have labels.  For good or ill."  she looks down at Jack again as he is explained to her.  "Nice gentle man."  she grins.  "And attractive."  she bites her lip.  "What's wrong with you, Constance?"  she berates herself.  "You haven't been attracted to a man in your age group in ... years."  she is talking to herself ... mostly.
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Jamie Anna Wright
Tallulah slowly sips and then looks curious "Well you can't go too old...or you know...they might not be able to....." She smirks "Perform."

Jack fumbles and unscrews the wrong thing and there's a veritable explosion of tonic water at the other end of the bar. The patrons all jump but then find it pretty hilarious. Jack smacks the machine and laughs and then takes a little bow as the fizzy liquid drips from his hair. He's soaked through but not  at all upset. He re-affixes the hose but the machine needs more work than a quick fix. With a shrug he says "Guess I better go buy us some mix eh?" there's another roar of laughter and he shakes a bit and trods over to the till, near Connie and takes some 20s out to go to the store with a quip at the two women "When it pours..." He says amused.

Connie giggles.  "A very valid point.  I ..."  she begins to answer when the machine drenches Jack from head to toe.  She smirks at him.  "Oh the things I can SAY ...."  she tells him and then bites her lip.  "I think you'd better."  she grins.  "I have half a mind to go ith you and protect you from other ... spraying things."  she teases.

Jack pockets the cash and smirks back, blushing again "Well you never know what's between here and the gas station. But I'll try to be careful...." He looks sheepishly at Tallulah who's grinning at him way too encouragingly. With a little throat clear he takes off, with a bit more swagger in his walk after Connie's flirtations.

Tallulah looses it once he hits the far end of the bar "Oh dear lord, that's almost a strut, covered in soda no less. Where were you to give me lessons when i was single Connie? It all worked out last year but you're a pro."

Connie also loses it.  "I'm sorry, hun."  she gets herself under control.  "I DO love to flirt and Jack ....."  she  grins.  "Is VERY flirtable."  she  takes a deep breath.  "I had thought that I would go back to your B&B and try and sleep.  Now ... I think I may stay."  she lifts up her hand.  "I'm not PLANNING to get lucky, but ... I haven't had fun with a man my own age in YEARS.  Not taking advantage.  One thing I have learned over the years is have fun when and where it presents itself."

Tallulah smirks "No need to apologize and I think that is a good philosophy. May I ask a personal you usually like younger men? It's not a judgement...but I admire the bravery...for many reasons." She chuckles a little.

Connie smiles.  "Well yes."  she replies, then pauses.  "Or rather, I usually have SEX with younger men.  All very protected, of course."  she sighs.  "Well, I don't screw them for their titillating conversation, to be honest.  They make me feel alive in a way my husband never did ... if you know what I mean."  she grins.  "I loved Zach, but finding out he wasn't Casanova annoyed me to no end.  SO I ... rebelled.  Went for younger men who were more educated than my husband was.  But ... maybe I will take a chance at pleasure with a man in my own age group."  she huffs a little.  "My SON would certainly appreciate knowing I dated a man OLDER than him, fir a change."  and she giggles.

Tallulah frowns "Zach wasn't open to....a little bit of...guidance? And I can't report much of anything on Jack. Although he did have to keep up with and keep Isabella happy and she was known for having a rather...high drive...shall we say." She shrugs a bit "I never did the whole marriage package deal with anyone. I got pregnant accidentally but Anna is the best thing that ever happened to me. Her father wasn't in her life again until she was 10. We weren't in love. It was just a fling and he was already having a  baby with someone else it turned I just stepped right out of that. I've dated but always on my own terms after all that, a little guarded maybe, but also NEVER celibate.....that would be depressing. And then unexpectedly I fell in love....awkwardly he has been my cousin's husband. But Jennifer was the first to give her blessing, and oddly...helpful advice..." She blushes a bit and laughs. "I could see how a son would stress over dating people that could be their peers but if you're happy and it's not his best friends then what can he really say?"

Connie giggles.  "No, he wasn't.  But I had only had two teen age boys as lovers before HIM so ... I thought a 'high drive' was being behind the wheel after smoking pot."  she rolls her eyes.  "Sounds like you got it right.  And my son."  she shrugs.  "He's autistic, so tension is just part of it for him ... my daughter is wonderful and open and it was HER who suggested I needed to start dating again .. or rather it was 'God, Mom you need someone to make you cum before you dry up', or something like that."  she snorts a laugh.  "Not many mothers can say their daughter ever expressed concern over how many orgasms she had."  she smirks.  "Or bought her the very first vibrator."

Tallulah really cracks up now "Maybe  I should introduce her to my Anna. She could use a friend like that....oh what am i saying...she HAS friends like that. I don't know how she ended up so SHY on all of that but she's able to cope. She was conceived in a meadow at the Mission Folk Fest, you'd think all that free love hippie energy would just coarse through her. She got about 50% of it maybe. The move here maybe made her reserved. This town, the judgement when we moved back and people found out her father had gotten two women pregnant in the same year. The fact that the other one still to this day calls me a slut every chance she gets...yeah I guess that might have affected how my girl sees herself.......before you dry up?" She snorts "Cheeky."

Connie laughs.  "Oh, I have sisters into the hippy thing.  Small world .. that I got out of before I married Zack."  and she can't help but laugh.  "Oh you should have seen me trying to use it the first time."  she waves her hand.  "Of course, as open as I am of mouth, no WAY was I asking my DAUGHTER for instructions.  I figured it out ... and almost swore off of men entirely."  she giggles.  "And than I met a nice young man ... and he showed me such a wonderful time.  He wasn't great shakes at conversation, but once the kissing and licking started, I didn't care."  she looks pensive.  "You know I haven't tried any of that with a man my own age ...."

Tallulah giggles "I have one myself. They're great. And in my experience, most men will, if they know it will make you happy, but some of them have to be asked. I have a very wonderful attentive man, our age, so I know it can happen unprompted too. He's an interesting one. I dare not say too much because the walls have ears in this town, and he's the police chief...." She laughs and then says "I bet Jack is attentive. He just seems the type."

As if on cue Jack saunters back in with two double bags containing 2 liter pop bottles.  He passes them to the female bartender, Molly, over the bar as he walks by and then goes around to help clear fridge space for them with a quick flash of a smile at Connie and Tallulah, but mostly Connie.

Connie giggles.  "Oh .. a man in authority."  she teases and pretends to lick her mouth.  "We'll have to stay up one night and compare notes."  she grins.  "I .... think I may see if I can find out.  I mean I have THREE vibes now .. one of them no larger than a lipstick.  But the real deal is still the real deal."  she smiles back at Jack when he returns.  "Yes.  Maybe I will stick around tonight ...."  she almost purrs.

Tallulah giggles "This I have to watch....I mean not all of it of course, depending. Nick is meeting me here. You'll know him because the whole bar goes quiet when he walks in." She laughs "It's pretty amusing to watch."

Jack stands up from loading the fridge and gets pulled into a conversation with some regulars but looks back every so often at Connie like he'd rather be at her end of the bar. The two guys in baseball caps rambling on about a hockey game seem completely oblivious and Jack is clearly a bit too polite and nods along meekly.

Connie giggles.  "Sure.  With luck you won't watch me crash and burn like the Hindenburg."  she grins.  "Well ... I guess it's his stunning presence?"  she looks over towards Jack with a welcoming smile, even though she completely understands his need to work.

Nick Callahan's entrance into the crowded bar is unmistakably obvious and as Tallulah promised, it goes quiet as the patrons take notice. He just grins about it, striding in tall and relaxed with his close cut white hair and short white beard. Nick is off duty in jeans, boots and a black leather jacket. He greets Jack and the two shake hands as he passes and immediately after Jack passes him Rocket Fuel beer in a bottle, his usual. As soon as Jack is seen acknowledging the police chief socially, the bar activity returns to normal. Nick nods to a few other people as he makes his way to Tallulah and her friend. His eyes clearly light up a bit when they meet hers and he gives the friend a little grin as he passes to unabashedly scoop his lady love into his arms and greet her with a tender lingering kiss.

Tallulah melts into Nick and kisses him back eagerly and then when they break apart she says "Have you met my friend Connie?"

Nick chuckles and turns around, his arm still around Tallulah but the other hand reaching out to shake "Hello friend Connie. I'm Nick. Good to meetcha."

Jack is pouring shots for the guys in the baseball caps and passing them over but darts another smile Connie's way while Nick and Tallulah are kissing. Someone says something to him after and he seems to be apologizing for not catching it. He nods vaguely as the patron repeats themselves. Molly, his bartender surveys her boss for a moment and then looks down the bar at Connie with momentary interest as if she's figured out his distraction.

Connie notices the second the volume goes down in the bar and looks from Jack to see Nick.  She looks quite impressed with the kiss and when he speaks to her she smiles.  "Good to meet you too ... oh I don't know what to call you.  I'll go with Nick, if that's alright."  she looks at Tallulah.  "He's like Rabbi Levine.  Walk into a bar and the whole place shuts down while people take inventory or themselves."  she laughs and smiles.

Nick chuckles "Nick is just fine. I'm sadly no Rabbi, but I love latkas. Does that count for anything?" He grins and wiggles his brows.

Tallulah gives Nick a little playful shove "Cheeky. Connie's from Tsawwassen. She's been staying at the B&B."

Nick nods "That right?Tally's not drunk yet....she can still pronounce it." He jokes and then takes a sip of his beer.

Molly elbows into the conversation with the baseball capped men monopolizing Jack and then whispers something to him and shoves him in Connie's direction. He gives her an incredulous look and then blushes and walks forward "I'm sposed to check the change and stuff..." He mutters at the till and then looks up at Connie, Nick and Tallulah "How are you folks doing down here?"

Connie smiles at Nick.  "It DOES count."  she admits and then giggles at Tallulah. "But she can pronounce it SOBER, which is even MORE important.  If it helps I plan to move soon.  To a place with a more pronounceable name."  she giggles and looks at Jack as he comes by with his new orders.  She reaches immediately for Jacks hand, patting it once, then trice then setting hers on his.  "Much better now."  she smiles at him.

Jack lets his eyes drop to her hand on his and smiles bashfully. He lets his other hand bravely slide over hers and caress it "Good to hear...." The energy of the spark and possibility just hangs in the air between them and Jack just look at her for a long time.

Nick watches the show and then opens his mouth to speak and then closes it. He makes a series of eye darting gestures at the pair of them to Tallulah and she giggles and nods and then grabs Nick by the hand "Come dance with me..." She insists as a slow song starts and the DJ dims the lights.

"Yes Ma'am." Nick replies in eager compliance and then follows her to the dance floor and pulls her into his arms and sways with her.

Jack sees Tallulah and Nick move away from them in his peripheral vision and heard the music shift too "So...Molly kicked me off duty. Would you dance?" He's suddenly fumbling like a schoolboy can can't meet Connie's eyes.

For a moment, Connie is lost in the gaze.  Then she smiles.  "I like Molly."  she looks aver to her and waves with a big smile of thanks.  "I DO dance.  If you'd like to.  Or we can sit in a corner and talk on happier subjects?  Get to know each other a little bit more?"  she smiles, almost shy ... almost.

Molly waves back and the one of the baseball mouth breathers tries to flag down Jack and she literally swats at him and points at his beer as if to say "You're served, now sit nice and shut up."

Jack looks over and laughs "Yeah she's pretty awesome. I'm good with how about slow song and then a chat in a corner of your choosing?" He lets go of her hand just long enough to come around to her side of the bar and talk it again, head jutting at the dance floor.

Nick and Tallulah are happily dancing and talking into each other's ears quietly as they rotate slowly in an embrace.

Connie smiles as she sees the swat.  "That sounds like a great plan."  she agrees and walks with him to the dance floor, moving closer than to on a first date but not quite as close as if they were long time lovers.  She does relax a bit on the dance floor, clearly a fan of dancing.

Jack is surprisingly graceful as he pulls her to him but takes her cue on how close she wants to stand as they sway. He's tall and lanky with long arms so he easily leads but not in an aggressive way at all. his movements are gentle and he turns them ever so slightly and smiles down at her "Been a while since I did this so I'll try not to step on your toes." He jokes.

At a certain point in the turns Tallulah ends up facing Connie and beams at her seeing her dancing with Jack.

Connie smiles.  "Well I haven't done a slow dance in some time, so ditto from me."  she giggles.  "Or once our feet hurt enough we go sit and talk, then recover."  she sees Tallulah and smiles back.  "Now ... lets get the children out on the table."  she beams.  "I have two, both mean the world to me, of course.  My son is high functioning autistic.  Mathematical genius, almost no social skills, which would explain his many marriages.  He was the tough one, but I still adore him.  My daughter is a counselor .. working MOSTLY with autistic children and families.  Probably because of coming from one herself."  she shrugs.  "Neither of them want children, so I shall never be a grandmother .. unless one of them adopts .. of I should say .. unless Ruth adopts."

Jack listens and then frowns a little "Hmmm....." He smiles "I have two daughters. The oldest is a cop names Tamela. Probably no kids there...but I won't rule it out. She's a lesbian so there's more involved in getting knocked up..." He laughs. "And my younger daughter Megan co owns a business on Alexandra. Before anyone else tells you, it's a sex shop, condoms and whatnot. and ironically, she's expecting. On purpose, the products work!" He laughs harder.

Connie nods.  "Well, in this day and age anyone can get pregnant, even without benefit of a man." she winks at him.   She smiles more brightly.  "The Love Shack!"  she beams at him.  "She was VERY helpful in helping me get a small vibrator."  she laughs lightly.  "Well, I'm glad to know that.  I won't be surprised if she vanishes.  My best friend has a boyfriend in Alexandra.  It's so pretty.  On the short list of places I may move to, and soon."  she looks up at him and moves a bit closer.  "So you're about to become a grandfather, eh?"  she smirks at him.  "You move very well for a gramps."  she teases.

Jack chokes a bit and turns completely red at the thought of Connie's purchase from Megan's shop "Yep...helpful gal..." He bites his lip looking at her for a moment and when she moves closer he finds himself instinctively pulling her tight to him and grinning "Ah why thank you..." One hand slides up her back and his thumb starts to make small circles between the backs of her shoulder blades "So you're thinking of moving to Alexandra? It's a good town...."

Connie giggles at the shade of red.  "You should be proud of her.  She is doing a service."  she winks.  Her smile widens as he pulls her close and enjoys his touch.  "Thinking about it, yes.  I still love the water .. so a coastal place ... which is an island all around.  My son is an accountant ... and he is already working to sell my condo.  He suggested I might want to buy a small piece of land and put a prefab house on it.  My friend has the most ADORABLE prefab, so if I can find it, I will.  It even has a space for a back yard.  The problem is finding a plot of land to put it on."  she grins.  "Are you a house or an apartment kind of a guy?" she wonders.

Jack smirks, still rubbing her back and listens to her "Sounds like you're a lady with a plan. I live above my bar in a room. I don't need much, maker....TV, mostly I'm here or out anyway."

A short distance away Nick picks Tallulah up off the ground and spins her around and then kisses her deeply. The music changes back to a fast song and they seem oblivious. Eventually they stop and move off the dance floor as rowdier folk crowd in.

Jack looks around and steps back reluctantly "'s over..." He laments and looks at the corners "Lady's choice."

Connie smiles at him without shame, not answering until the rowdier music begins and he gives her ladies choice.  "I would LOVE to have our talk where I can see your ...."  she pauses, as if about to say bed, but continues with "Coffee maker."  although her inference is clear.

Jacks' eyes go wide for a second and then he grins "A lady who knows what she wants...." He steps up to her and cups one side of her chin in his hand and leans his forehead against hers "It only makes twelve cups....but I have filters....." He replies with his own inference before opening his eyes "Now I can walk you past the whole bar and through the kitchen....or we can sneak out the side door by the stage and go around and up. Again, ladies choice..." His lips are inches from hers but he doesn't kiss her yet. His breath exhales warmly across her lips though and it could be a bit of a tease.

Connie grins and that grin only gets wider as he infers and offers her options.  "This is a small town.  Lets try the side door.  Maybe they will not tease you unmercifully."  she kisses his lips with a teasing lightening quickness and backs towards the stage and side door.  She searches for Tallulah, but cannot see her through the crowd, but guesses her new friend might be at least as pleased as she is over Jack's early night.

Jack looks pleased with her choice and dives after her kiss a bit and then laughs as she gets the teas on him and follows her eagerly.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Brunch rp February 26th - Tallulah, Doc, Connie

Constance Reader came dancing and humming down the stairs humming to herself. She sees Tallulah from the night before and gives her a big smile. "Morning! Oh my god your beds ROCK! And to think I was going to stay in that nightmare of a hotel?" she breezes into a chair. "Coffee pretty please with cream and sugar on top!" her energy is almost infectious.

Doctor Song "Hello Tallulah Hello ms. Is the seat taken?"

Tallulah Beal heads for the coffee pot with a grin "Oh the hotel's not so bad, but thank you. I'm glad you slept well." She picks up the coffee pot and then sees Rose "Good morning Rose." She thinks for a moment on the cheerful patron's name from her registration "This is Constance. Do you go by Constance?" She pours and puts a coffee in front of her.

Constance Reader beams at the woman and sounds thrilled.  "It's not until you take it!"  she proclaims.  Then she looks at Tallulah.  "Constance or Connie.  I'm pretty easy with it. Just no Mrs Reader.  I'm not THAT uptight."  she laughs.  "Well the hotel staff just seemed ..  I don't know ... confused ..some of them.  I stayed in their branch in Alexandra ... when I visit my sister."  she looks at the coffee as if it is nectar and begins to add cream and sugar.  "But this weekend she is hosting her boyfriend and thank god.  SHE needs to socialize!"  she rolls her eyes and sips.  "And Rose!  I love Roses .... so we'll get along great!"

Doctor Song "Thank you Connie  Coffee Tallulah  please and my usual  Bowl of bliss."

Tallulah Beal walks to get another cup and pours for Rose, smiling at both women "The Mariner's just got bought so it may be a bit hectic while they restructure. There's a beauty to running a small business. Of course Anna and I have to do everything ourselves too...that's the other side of it. Granola for you Rose...Connie, do you need a few minutes to decide on food? We have the granola bowl and then the typical fry up style breakfast, regular or vegetarian...vegan options."

Constance Reader 's eyes widen.  "Bowl of Bliss? Oh that sounds right up my alley!  Whatever it is, I'll have the same." she beams."Oh no vegan for me.  You got the WRONG twin."  she huffs.  "But that makes sense.  I was in a good mood and planned to STAY in a good mood so ..... here I am.  "I wasn't invited for Morgan's birthday bash.  'Family only', I was told like I am the eighth cousin three times removed instead of the twin sister."  she rolls her eyes and sips.

Doctor Song "The Granola here is the best I had outside of Norway" as she sips, " "how could they say you are not family if your a twin ,? sorry if it's none of my business, but  even 9th cousins are family were I come from."

Tallulah Beal furrows her brow and hugs the coffee pot to her "Morgan's birthday? On Alexandra?" She connects the dots and twins "Your sister is Sunflower Meadow then?" She laughs "Small world, very small. "My daughter is at the birthday, incidentally, Morgan's daughter. I'll go get that granola and be right back for more conversation." She looks amused and sets the coffee pot down as she heads for the kitchen.

Constance Reader rolls her eyes.  "My sister has this on-again-off-again boyfriend.  Yup...  Morgan."  she shrugs.  "And it's HIS birthday, so ....  I suppose I'm not HIS family.  But it's alright.  She lives in the North Woods of Alexandra on this open space with goats and no toilets.  I did my hippy bit and got over it.  So did our other sister.  Yup.  Sunflower Meadow is my sister. " she watches Tallulah walk off.  "I'll explain my relation to the WHOLE Wright clan when you come back."  she huffs.

Doctor Song "Sorry I didn't mean to spoil your good mood , she says humbly, " It's just there are some differences in culture i am not very versed on here,  as in why would someone change Morgan into the name sunflower ? Both are nice but Morgan sounds more professional."

Constance Reader blinks over her coffee.  "You ruined my good mood?"  she looks genuinely confused.  "Oh honey I don't you're even CLOSE to that good."  she teases.  "OK ... Morgan didn't change his name to Sunflower.  My sister did.  Now she's Sunflower." she sighs. "I say this is what happens to girls raised in a Conservative Jewish household with no proper leash to hold us in."  she laughs.

Doctor Song " ok That makes some sense then, I've seen the same kinda thing with Teens during russ year they cut loose, some never return to normal behaviour as its called."

Tallulah Beal returns with two granola bowls, still chuckling at the interconnections of Connie. "Here you go ladies. Since it's quiet, may I join you for a coffee and hear the tales of the morning and Wright clan connections?" She goes and pours herself a cup.

Constance Reader motions to the empty seat.  "Oh please join us."  she smiles.  Then she continues.  "Well .... Only Miriam returned to 'normal'. She was married to Sage Wright, who is Morgans cousin. Morgan is in and out of bed with my sister... which is a wonderful thing, because few people need to get laid more than Selma ... Sunflower."  she giggles.  "Now Sage .... wandered off someplace.  To find himself ... or something.  I know at least one of his sons is none too happy with it. "  she begins to eat and moans in carnal pleasure at the taste, but says nothing because that would require swallowing.

Doctor Song is a little confused by all the names of people she don't know yet, but listens intently .

Tallulah Beal's eyes move side to side like she's watching a tennis match in her head while Connie talks and then she just giggles "So that's her real name, Selma. Small small world." She looks at Rose "Yours must be too on an island like Theta?" She looks at Connie "Well we've never met because really all Morgan and I did together was have a fling at a folk festival and create a human. I wasn't the only woman he created one with that year so I raised Anna alone in Vancouver for the first ten years. Then she asked about her father, so we came back so she could meet him." She looks between the women "So I never met all these Wrights but Anna has met some of them by now. Maybe I was wrong to deny her as a child but he....already had a child on the way....he just didn't know it yet." She smiles at the reaction to the granola "It's all from the Okanagan. I strive to use local ingredients."

Constance Reader smiles and finally swallows.  "It's like a dream."  she tells Tallulah.  "But ... yea ... flings at folk festivals .. have their upsides."  she giggles.  "Well ... I wouldn't say all that.  Morgan is, if you can believe it he more stable .. in MY opinion.  But Miriam ..  my other sister .. left him anyway ... but trying to be 'right' left one of her sons with him."  she sighs.  "It's a mess.  It really is."  she looks across the table at Rose.  "You're from Theta?  Oh one of my best friends is there.  She teaches shop classes."

Doctor Song   Thinks to herself back to a time of Russ and well some of the Knots on her cap were earned by a few flings that spring, " yes I live in Theta  Know a couple of the school staff members  , Rodrigo Bender, Betty Padgett, and Judy  er deng it forgot her last name ."

Tallulah Beal nods at Connie and then laughs "Morgan is sometimes stable. Read his conspiracy book though before you commit to that word for him...." she smirks and then listens to Rose "Is it a big school? It must be bigger than ours here......"

Constance Reader arches her brow.  "Baldwin. Judy Baldwin.  She and I are in a Widows support group I have.  And I will be having more Senior activities very soon.  Taking over for the boob in Alexandra.  It's not at all organized and that needs to change.  "We're old, not dead and ...." she blinks.  "Conspiracy theories?  Well that explains THAT.  Sage thought of every one known to exist for his sons allergies and intolerances." she sighs deeply.  "The boy has some, but I also think many are in his allergic little head." then she giggles a little.  "But at least Morgan STAYED and didn't decide to go off and find himself, leaving a young and sickly boy at home ... OK .. not young .. he's a grown man, but still." she huffs.

Doctor Song:" Theta's actual school building was demolished  for safety  so I'm told so what exists now are the shops and some modern module classrooms for the normal school stuff. weird but the kids love the effect of a more open campus."

Tallulah Beal looks between the women "Interesting. Well however they can learn right?" she looks at Connie specifically "Are you from Vancouver then?"

Constance Reader shrugs.  "I don't get to Theta much.  Judith always comes to Tsawwassen." she looks at Tallulah.  "Which is where I am from.  I think I'm going to move, though." she giggles.  "My kids can't spell Tsawwassen, and .. too many others can't either.  So it's worth selling my condo to find a nice place everyone can spell."

Doctor Song giggles   " I think I need to be heading back soon, " she says  solemnly . " I have a town hall meeting to prepare for the mayor".

Tallulah Beal smiles "Well handy for the ferry, Tsawwassen." She mispronounces it a little and then looks at Rose "Big job it sounds like. How's he doing, the new guy? And it was good to see you."

Constance Reader arches a brow.  "Have fun with that."  she smiles.  "See ....  you can't pronounce it either.  What were they thinking?  Revenge on the goy!  But you take care, Rose and I hope to see you soon.  I think I will go and pack and head back to my unpronounceable home."  she laughs.

Doctor Song " He is doing a great Job but has his hands full at the moment"   Good Seeing you Tallulah and Great meeting you Connie"